Management Team




Balakrishna R Naini


Balakrishna R Naini ( Bala), is responsible for all Business Development activities in the US- Indian market for Artia Ventures, Artia Foods and G-Tech Solutions and Green Earth Fuel tech. Bala holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science. He started his career in software development for OSI and Parker aerospace in US. He is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and run multiple companies in India and the U.S., including a product development company in Los Angeles, as well as a  software IT development recruitment company. From 2009 Bala has worked with Dr PNS who has invented several US patent products in the Specialized fields of Agricultural and Green Energy ,with Experienced gained under Dr PNS  Bala  has  spent considerable time and effort researching the local and national Indian market in order to identify the right opportunities. Bala combines this knowledge with detailed, hands-on research to validate and vet each of our projects and formulate right market approach .From 2012 Bala became part of SoilsiNew  group and he became successful team member in Implementations , of in of huge  Green  Energy and Organic USDA  projects..

M Karthik Varma


Executive Director

M Karthik Varma, is a young energetic Engineer with a bachelors in engineering and bachelors of business administration from RMIT, Australia and perused his master in business administration majoring in finance from IIT, Chicago USA, and attended the finance for executive program at Kellogg school of management. With his vast exposure and business acumen combined with his young and energetic ideas towards engineer are taking him closer to achieving his goal of building one of India’s most reputed infrastructure and energy development company. Karthik is CEO of JVK Infra Pvt.Ltd  . Karthik along with JVK Infra   are now JV partners with Soilsinew  to Launch its USDA organic Fertilizers Products in PAN India.

Samuel Shinho Lee

Logistic CFO

Samuel Shinho Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea and is the son of a career Korean Army officer who was highly decorated by the Korean and U.S. government for gallantry during the Korean War. He secured his Bachelor degree in Pre-Dental and Mathematics from the University of Detroit, Michigan.He joined the U.S. Army after graduating. He received diplomas from the military schools in infantry tactics, intelligence, government budgeting, accounting, management while finishing his Master degree in Business Administration at National University, San Diego, California. After his military activation to Iraq War, He began  study of solar and its association technologies in Green Solar Energy    with association with Solar Techo.   He is now working as a Green Energy and Chemical Replacement Fertilizers consultant to a scientist team working in with  its  proprietary technology , Huge Green energy Projects implementation , nuclear waste, environment treatment products on energy recovery,  water desalination, CCC Projects for Carbon Control.


Product Scientific Team .


The  Base Company has Renowned  Scientist team who has Masters and Ph.D’s  in Agricultural microbiology  /Plant pathology , Molecular/Environmental Microbology , (NACAA) Achievement awards certified, Wastewater process and Compliance testing / Treatment  and Molecular Biology  Doctorates  and this specific team with 20 plus years of their work has developed all products of SoilsiNew ,for security purpose none of the scientific team details are specified .For any specific information on this  please contact to

Dr Changsu Kim

Dr Kim has double Doctorate’s Ph.D in Physics at the University of Alabama , USA and Ph.D in Industrial Science at Ibaraki University , Japan . Dr Kim has his Done his Masters in Telecommunication Engineering at Ibaraki University , Japan . Dr Kim is Head of Division of Advanced Spectroscopy, Institute for Solid State Physics (SSP) Japan , an Technical Adviser for Government of Japan and in the process he has worked on Solid State Physics (JSSP), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Post-Doc . Dr Kim is Technical advisor for Mitsui & Co. He has nearly 20 plus experience in field of (SSP , SPS) and E & P Research development .Dr was also worked major part t of the, nuclear waste, environment treatment products on energy recovery, water desalination .etc. along with Dr.PNS..

Marketing and Branding Partners.

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